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Nessebur, one of the oldest towns on the Black Sea, still exudes the spirit of different ages and peoples – Thracians, Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines and Bulgarians.

The peninsula was inhabited as early as the IV millennium BC but the town was founded here in 510 BC by Greek settlers. The town changed its rulers many times and during the Byzantine presence it developed into a prosperous port.

Nessebur ceased to be an active trading post in the 18th century and today it is rightly known as a fascinating tourist centre. Narrow cobbled lanes leading right into the sea, numerous restaurants and taverns give this town-museum an unforgettable romantic charm.

Deneesti Ltd offers a complete range of shore excursions in Nessebur and extends into the surrounding countryside. Explore the antiquity and romance of this famed Black Sea destination, and enjoy the out-of-town experiences too.