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Saaremaa Island

The largest island in Estonia, Saaremaa, is a unique natural and cultural preserve, showing how people and their environment have grown together over the centuries.

Full of juniper groves, flocks of sheep and small farmhouses, Saaremaa is a far reach from the buzz of modern life. The center of Saaremaa boasts its only city – Kuressaare, with its beautifully preserved medieval castle. The windmill field at Angla is one of the island’s symbols, with three of oldest type of windmills in Europe.
Kaali lake was formed from a meteorite crater when the region was already populated, and gave rise to many Nordic myths about the place “where the sun wen to rest.”
Deneesti Ltd offers a full range of shore excursions in Saaremaa. Discover the rich countryside and unique history of this unspoiled island, one of the Baltic Sea’s hidden treasures.

Fun fact
There are 1500+ islands and islets in Estonia – paradise for migrating birds, birthing seals and bird watchers all over the world.