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DenEesti Ltd is a secure shoreside and port services provider for the cruise industry, specializing in the Baltic Ports, Russia, the Black Sea and the British Isles.


Deneesti offers a complete array of shore services for cruise ships, including shore excursions, shuttle bus operations, ground handling for turnarounds, and port agency. Exploring these exciting destinations requires a highly efficient and dependable operator, and Deneesti’s established reputation in this field is based on excellence of service plus sound value for money. 

 With roots going back to the breakup of the Soviet Union, Deneesti has always led in providing the finest in shore excursions. Its personal attention and breadth of imagination have kept pace with the rapid growth of the cruise market. Where the constantly increasing levels of tourism need to be matched by the sustainability of the environment, Deneesti is committed to ensuring that these beautiful destinations are protected for both local communities and future generations. 

A responsive approach to clients’ wishes and passenger expectations has been successfully combined with strongly competitive prices. Whichever ports of call are included in the itinerary, Deneesti’s staff are experienced in the speciality of serving cruise ships and have a passion for what they do.  Deneesti will put together a comprehensive package allowing our clients to call into our ports confident that their individual requirements will be met. 

DenEesti recognises its responsibilities to protect the environment and minimise any adverse environmental impact of its activities.The Company considers that these matters are Management responsibilities that rank equally with all other considerations.

It is the intention and aim of the Company to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. To provide such influence through the general trading of the company so as to increase awareness within the local community. In order to achieve this aim, all employees are reminded that the success of this depends on the acceptance by each of them of the respective degrees of responsibility for health and safety matters.

We take it as our mission to introduce northern Europe to the wider world by providing cruise passengers with amazing experiences and in doing so, increase the understanding of the value of preserving these destinations and cultures for future generations.

DenEesti – Living culture, loving life