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St Petersburg

Reached through European Waters and past Baltic capitals, and lying mysteriously at the far end of the Finnish Gulf is St. Petersburg, Peter the Great’s city of wonder.

Built just 300 years ago where nothing stood before, this new construction was to bring Russia to the doorstep of the West. It rapidly became the city of nobles, artisans and peasants. It also witnessed bloody revolts and revolutions, while still producing immortal works of art. In our own times it stood high on the Baltic alongside the West, but firmly and enigmatically under the USSR banner, and now encompasses the life of modern Russia. The incomparable legacy of St. Petersburg’s tumultuous history stands to be seen, visited and enjoyed today.

Deneesti Ltd offers a wide range of shore excursions in St. Petersburg and visits the fabulous outlying palaces of the Tsars. The wonder and extravagance of this noble city and its spellbinding history are all waiting to be experienced on a Deneesti tour.

Fun fact
Saint Petersburg has the deepest metro in the world. Due to the swampy territory the tunnel was built under solid rocks. The depth of the underground railway is 70-80 meters.