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STEP eco-certified



DenEesti Ltd. is one of the first shorex operators in Northern Europe to be certified under the Travelife standard, which has in turn been accredited by the Global Sustainable Travel Council (GSTC).  As a tour operator, we feel it is our responsibility to share the beauty of our world with others, while protecting it for future generations.  This includes both natural wonders and the multitude of different cultures that have developed throughout history.  By constantly monitoring our actions and our products, we ensure that we can make the most out of these natural, cultural and historical treasures without damaging them.  We strive to use natural resources such as fuel and water efficiently.  We also recognize our social commitment to the communities in which we work and live.

While our commitment to protecting the natural environment, as well as our local history and culture, has been long term, we are very pleased that being Travelife Certified gives us a clear way to communicate this commitment to the rest of the world.  Additionally, their process and framework give us a way to constantly monitor our progress toward our goals and get some external advice about best practice and what we could do to improve ourselves even more.